Born in 2014 and based out of the Santa Cruz mountains, Crooked Branches features a soulful, acoustic sound that weaves lyrical storytelling with down-home grooves.  Their debut album showcases songs that tell stories about home, family, and good old-fashioned self-loathing. 

     While recording at Gadgetbox Studios, the band quickly developed chemistry with longtime producer and engineer Andy Zenczak which led to Zenzcak joining the band as a drummer and another creative force to continue their push forward.

    The band has built a dedicated following by playing energizing shows at such venues as Moe's Alley, Don Quixote’s International Music Hall (now Flynn's Cabaret) and the Mountain Sol Festival.  

Vocals and Rhythm Guitar / Manny Steffen
Vocals, Ukulele, Mandolin, Harmonica / Matt Owens
Rhythm and Lead Guitar / Markus Puhvel
Bass / Alex Chapman
Vocals and Keyboard / Jason Robertson
Percussion / Andy Zenczak